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We help our clients create their future

Our ethos, however, is not in predicting but rather partnering with our clients to create their future. We work passionately with our clients to identify the roadmaps they need today to build tomorrow’s competitive advantages. 


This is where TomorrowToday Consulting started over 20 years ago. We have deep roots and expertise gained from advising public and private sector clients worldwide, on the disruptive forces and future trends changing the world of work.

Our TIDES of Change framework has been used by c-suites and business heads to anticipate key disruptive forces and trends. 


Through comprehensive trend analysis The TIDES helped give our clients advanced warning of both Brexit and Trump’s election. We’ve also used our modelling to predict pandemics — something we flagged as a disruptive force over twelve years ago —  and the rise of a new breed of CEO and competitive advantage stemming from the trends moving sentiments in capitalism towards business being a force for good in a troubled world.

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