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Studies by Oxford University suggest robotics and automation will replace up to 47% of jobs over the next decade. So, the important question is:


What can humans do that intelligent machines can not?


The answer lies in seven very human skills:​


The confidence to explore the new and the skills to ask important questions


To find exciting and new solutions


Caring enough to discover what is wrong and having the passion and energy to find a better way


Knowing when you have it wrong and the willingness to experiment with new routes


Getting others to join a crazy adventure even one deemed impossible


Work with people and machines flexibility and in large numbers


Learning from failure and the ability to recover quickly from setbacks

A real life example:

When Boyan Slat was 18 he went scuba diving in the Med and noticed there were more plastic shopping bags floating below the surface than jellyfish. Now if Boyan were a robo-diver he may well have noticed and even identified what the shopping bags were, but robo-boyan wouldn’t have cared.


Boyan-the-human, cared deeply. He cared about the marine life and the lives of humans who depend on our oceans and his empathy drove him to start The Ocean Cleanup.


His curiosity led him to discover that there are 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently littering our Ocean, almost 25 billion tonnes. This trash accumulates in 5 ocean garbage patches, the largest being the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, located between Hawaii and California, which is now reputedly the size of France or Texas.


His creativity led him to invent a V-shaped array, a floating barrier that captures plastic without harming marine life.


His intuition helped him to understand that “If you try to fight the ocean, you will lose.” so the Ocean Cleanup Array was designed to be as flexible as possible. allowing it to move along with the waves, “which is key in ensuring the structure will be able to survive the most extreme conditions,” says Boyan.


His passionate quest to clean our oceans of plastic has inspired millions of people to back him and his business.


Boyan has also been carefully collaborating and partnering with world-renown companies.

His resilience has helped him to continue developing new ideas and solutions even after many people have decried his quest to remove billions of tons of plastic from our oceans

Building the bionic business requires that companies focus on identifying and enhancing these seven skills in their workforce.

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