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Future Trends

The best way to predict the future is to create it, so, we work with our clients to identify and take advantage of the high impact, highly probable but largely ignored forces of change (Grey elephants).

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We help our clients see hidden disruptions and opportunities

In a world where the only constant is change, understanding the future isn’t just an advantage – it's a necessity. We partner with our clients and guide them through the complexities of tomorrow’s global landscape, not by predicting the future, but by empowering them to shape it.


Our unique approach, centred around the 'Great Grey Elephants' framework, uncovers the hidden, yet impactful trends that often go unnoticed. These are the forces that powerfully shape our world - from technological advancements to socio-political shifts. Recognising these elements is crucial for any business striving to stay ahead in an ever-evolving environment.

The Great Grey Elephants Framework: Unveiling the Hidden and Ignored Forces of Change

At TomorrowToday Consulting, we delve beyond the obvious to reveal the 'Great Grey Elephants' - the overlooked yet powerful forces shaping our future. In a complex world brimming with information, some of the most significant trends and disruptions remain hidden in plain sight. These are the 'Grey Elephants' - highly probable and high-impact forces that, despite their enormity, or because of it, are ignored or underestimated. Our unique 'Great Grey Elephants' framework is designed to uncover these hidden drivers of change, enabling our clients to not just foresee but actively shape their future.

Our Process:

  • Identification: We analyse global trends, seeking out those Grey Elephants that are about to stampede and cause great disruption. 

  • Convergence Analysis: Understanding how these Grey Elephants converge is key. We map the interplay between different forces, providing a holistic view of potential future scenarios.

  • Opportunity Exploration: By recognising these converging forces early, we help our clients identify unique opportunities to innovate and lead in their industries.

Building Antifragility:

  • Our goal is not just to prepare our clients for change, but to equip them with the 'antifragile muscles and mindsets' needed to thrive amidst disruption. This involves:

    • Developing adaptive strategies that turn potential threats into advantages.

    • Cultivating the antifragile culture and systems to not only withstand Grey Elephant events but to emerge stronger and more competitive.

Empower Growth
& Innovation

TTC partners with the WEF's Strategic Intelligence platform to bring to our clients incredible insights on the seven great grey elephants - highly probable and impactful, yet often overlooked, forces of change reshaping our world. Each grey elephant possesses immense disruptive potential, and their convergence is driving change at an unprecedented scale:

  • Are you effectively monitoring these transformative forces?

  • How is your organisation preparing to adapt and thrive amidst these changes?

  • Which of these significant forces might be currently overlooked by your organisation?

  • How can you harness these grey elephants into strategic opportunities for growth and innovation?"

Meet Our Development Consulting Leaders

Our Future Trends consulting team partners with the private and public sector on creating insights, analysing trends and designing strategies, that shape the future. These are our global leaders on the topic.

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