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Winning the 2020s
We have entered a new era.
Here is what it means for you

Even before coronavirus, people looked around and could see we are living in revolutionary times. Ubiquitous, mobile supercomputing. Intelligent robots. Artificial Intelligence. Nano-technologies. Self-driving cars. Genetic editing. All these new developments offer evidence of transformative change happening at exponential speed. 

Every hundred and fifty to two hundred years, there are moments when forces of progress collide and afterwards a brave new world emerges. 

The Industrial Revolution, The Renaissance and The Age of Discovery all started with social and technological upheaval that disrupted the landscape transmuting a new age.


The Ancient Greeks gave these transitionary epochs a name: Kairos — opportune moments, pockets of exceptional time, rare instants or seasons when the leaders who are tuned towards change seize opportunity to shape the future.

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Coronavirus offers a rare moment, a pocket of exceptional time to shape the future positively for all
Why is kairos important for my future? 
  • History shows that moments of kairos offer exceptional and rare opportunities to shape the future.

  • Research shows that companies who are first to act during disruption gain the disproportionate returns and market share gains.

  • Great leaders during these times have the mindsets of and explorer.

  • During kairos, there are no roadmaps. What got you here will not get you there. 

  • This decade of disruption has started, but will not end with Coronavirus.

  • There will be other disruptions shaping this decade. AI, automation, shifting geopolitics, ​ageing populations, inequality are just a few examples of disruptions heading our way.

  • Coronavirus offers an excellent platform to discover, learn and unlearn the skills needed to be an explorer organisation.

Organisations stand at the crossroad of a pivotal moment in history that will be very different from the past. Most competitors will turn left. The enlightened with a keen eye on the future will strike out and find new ground.

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Kairos is a military term used by Greek archers

Imagine an army advancing in perfect unison protected behind tightly packed shields. Greek archers were revered for their ability to anticipate kairos — the opportune moment when fleeting gaps would open up between the shields allowing arrow to penetrate the hiding enemy. 

This takes tremendous skill. Many things must come together in perfect synchronicity to achieve success: a proactive mind, a sharp eye, keen senses in tune with the environment and disciplined focus. All important skills for today’s leaders facing up to a modern day kairos. 

Winning the decade of disruption will be a marathon, not a sprint. Understanding the context of kairos within your organisation will help create the shared vocabulary needed to tackle the transformative change ahead of you. 

Organisations need to build an explorer mindset into their DNA
Embark on meaningful moonshots
The first step on this journey

Recognise that we are living in a decade of disruption, a period of kairos leading towards a new age. A world with coronavirus and even after-coronavirus, will not look like the one we’ve left behind.


Coronavirus is only the start of a decade which will set the course for a revolutionary age not seen since the Age of Discovery. 


The road ahead will be challenging, but our research shows that companies who are first to act gain the greatest advantage and market share during disruption.

We stand at a moment in history when there are no roadmaps. Organisations need to build an explorer mindset into their DNA.

The coronavirus crisis offers an opportunity to unlearn and learn the skills needed to be an explorer organisation.

This is not the time to focus only on the essentials or to hunker down and weather the storm. 


This is the time to boldly surf the waves of change, scanning the horizon and courageously going against conventional wisdom. Now is right to strike out and find new ground that will appeal to customers with new sets of values, demands and expectations that will inevitably emerge from this period of immense change. 

Learn how to be an explorer organisation and use this fleeting but opportune moment of kairos to turn a decade of disruption into a decade of action and opportunity.


Organisations owe this opportunity to themselves and all their stakeholder, it must not be missed.

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