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Organisational Strategy

Strategies often fail or fall short of delivering the expected value. To avoid potential traps and pitfalls we've created a proprietary 3-dimensional strategy framework that ensures all aspects of strategy are fully designed, developed and implemented.

We help bring strategy to life

Our 3D Strategy Model provides a structured approach to complex business challenges. It comprises three critical dimensions:

  1. Strategic Foundation: We delve into our clients' organisational purpose, vision, culture, and values. This foundational dimension aligns strategic decisions with the core identity of each organisation, ensuring relevance and integrity in a dynamic market.

  2. Strategic Essentials: Focusing on indispensable market elements, we enhance our clients' core competencies and market understanding, while refining operational excellence. This dimension ensures not just meeting but surpassing industry benchmarks, fostering a competitive edge and sustainable success.

  3. Strategic Differentiators: In this final dimension, we assist our clients in setting themselves apart through innovation, unique value propositions, disruptive business models, and creating shared value. 

The 3D-strategy framework transcends traditional strategy formulation, focusing on deep alignment with each client's unique identity and market position, ensuring they lead in their respective fields through innovation and strategic foresight.

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Introducing Our 3D Strategy Model: A Framework for Exceptional Business Performance

Our expertise lies in guiding clients through the complexities of modern business with our pioneering 3D Strategy Model. This model represents the synthesis of extensive research and proven methodologies. Each dimension focuses on a crucial layer structured to create strategy with clarity, innovation and deliver superior shared value for all stakeholders.  


1. Strategic Foundation — Defining the organisational bedrock. This dimension is centred around purpose, vision, culture, and values. We focus on comprehending the core reasons our clients' organisations exist and their aspirational future states. This involves setting a clear and compelling direction that informs every strategic decision. Recognising the paramount importance of organisational culture — often the overriding factor in strategy implementation — we align our strategic initiatives with the inherent values and ethos of our clients' businesses. This approach not only ensures the effectiveness of strategic decisions but also guarantees they resonate deeply with the fundamental identity of each client's business, providing a stable and relevant guide through the dynamic market landscape.


2. Strategic Essentials — This strategic dimension concentrates on the indispensable elements that underpin our clients' market presence. Our design and development work involves enhancing their core competencies, deepening their understanding of the market, and refining operational excellence. This stage is about honing the fundamentals — the vital cogs that keep an organisation thriving in a competitive landscape. Our approach is geared towards not just meeting industry benchmarks but surpassing them, ensuring our clients maintain a competitive edge. By focusing on these essentials, we empower our clients to excel in their core business areas while positioning them for sustainable success in their respective markets.

3. Strategic Differentiators — The third dimension, Strategic Differentiators, is where we assist our clients in distinctly setting themselves apart in their markets. This phase is a confluence of innovation, uniqueness, and compelling value propositions. Our role is pivotal in identifying and amplifying the unique aspects of our clients' businesses. Whether it involves developing disruptive business models, introducing groundbreaking product offerings, or creating unparalleled customer experiences, we guide our clients in sculpting differentiators that profoundly resonate within their business and our ethos of using the grey elephant forces to architect the future.

Meet Our Strategy Consulting Leaders

Our strategy consulting team partners with the private and public sector on designing and developing the strategies that shape the future, deliver impact and shared value These are our global leaders on the topic.

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