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Interesting Prospects

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We are pleased to provide an update on our exploration into the gravity battery sector, which has surpassed our initial expectations.


More about their solution


Based upon traditional Pumped Hydro Storage (PHS), commercially proven over decades. Closed-loop system uses a High-Density Fluid (R-19) to enable deployment on hills rather than mountains. 

Projects to date

Key achievements include successful field tests demonstrating the system's efficiency, £8.25 million in funding from UK government to deploy a first-of-a-kind demonstrator — a 250kW/1MWh (4 hours) demonstrator at a mine, close to Plymouth, Devon within the next 18 months. 


Scalable solution addresses deployment constraints of traditional PHS. Grid-scale (10-100MW) and long duration (4-16hrs) Private investors include a partnership with Chilean utility Colbun to develop energy storage projects. The use of Sibanye-Stillwater mined minerals in the R19 HD fluid could unlock win-win synergies.

Why partner? 

Reduced risks — PHS is proven technology. Symbiotic partnership — substantial requirement for minerals / tailings for their R19 HD fluid.   Skunk works test laboratory in Montreal, Canada, testing different pump and liquid technologies. Big ambitions — aligned with our earthshot. RheEnergise are also looking to co-create the solution using mining and engineering expertise.


RheEnergise Company Investment Pack

Enabling the energy transition with low-cost,

scalable energy storage

Investor Presentation

January 2024

Green Gravity

More about their solution


Moves heavy weights vertically in legacy mine shafts to capture and release the gravitational potential energy of the weights. By simply using proven mechanical parts and disused mine shafts, Green Gravity’s energy storage technology is low-cost, long life and environmentally compelling.


Green Gravity offers a promising partnership due to its innovative use of existing mine shafts. Utilising proven mechanical parts to move weights vertically, this technology repurposes disused infrastructure while minimising environmental impact, providing a scalable and sustainable energy solution.

Projects to date

The launch of the Gravity Lab in Port Kembla, Australia. The lab is designed to gather precise performance data and test the capabilities of their gravitational energy storage system. Partnership with Complexul Energetic Valea Jiului SA (CEVJ) will study the use of Green Gravity’s gravitational energy storage technology in 17 mine shafts in Romania - Nov 2023. 

Why partner? 

Good expertise in mining 

Innovative energy storage tech 

Repurposing mines for renewable energy. Preparing to commercialise: Gravity (living) Labs Located: Port Kembla and Mineshaft Demo Located: Hunter Valley 


Green Gravity Investment Pack

A developer of gravitational energy storage systems that repurpose legacy mining assets

Background Briefing

April 2024

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